Short Question:

So, there is a SetChildToolWindowIndex but I can’t find how to retrieve that index. Is there a GetChildToolWindowIndex (or equivalent) that I’m missing?


 Root of the Problem Question:

 The reason I need the above is that when I save the layout it doesn’t save the order of the ToolWindows in the ToolWindowGroup. I discovered that if the ToolWindow nodes are rearranged in the XML then it will order them based on that. So I figured I would just rearrange the nodes before saving the xml I get from SaveLayout.

 But I can’t find anyway to get the order they are in! Thus I can’t rearrange them myself.

If there’s an easier way to save the order of the ToolWindows that would be even better.


 Edit: Xceed.DockinWindows v 2.1.112114.170010