WPF KeyBinding for Enter key does not work (But does work on DevExpress grid)

WPF KeyBinding for Enter key does not work (But does work on DevExpress grid)

So, I convinced my team that Xceed has the better WPF Grid.  I talked
them into moving over from Dev Express.  I got my boss to put it in the
budget to purchase (we are planning to purchase in July (the start of
our fiscal year)).

Since it was all a done deal, I figured, lets
start switching our DevExpress grid out for our shiny new Xceed grid
(using the Demo).  It was all rainbows and butterflies until we got to
the InputBindings.

Our DevExpress grid is setup similar to this:

<dxg:GridControl ItemsSource="{Binding MySource, Mode=TwoWay}">
        <dxg:GridColumn Header="Name" Width="100" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding ItemObject}" />
        <dxg:TableView FocusedRow="{Binding MySelectedItem, Mode=TwoWay}" />                    
        <KeyBinding Key="Enter" Command="{Binding SelectItemCommand}" />

That all works fine with DevExpress’s grid.  We then went and swapped out the DevExpress grid for the Xceed grid like this: (I removed extra properties)

<xcdg:DataGridControl ItemsSource="{Binding MySource, Mode=TwoWay}" SelectedItem="{Binding MySelectedItem, Mode=TwoWay}">
        <xcdg:Column FieldName="ItemObject" Title="Name" Width="100" IsMainColumn="True" />
        <xcdg:TableView >
                    <xcdg:ColumnManagerRow AllowColumnReorder="False"/>
    <xcdg:DataGridControl.InputBindings>         <KeyBinding Key="Enter" Command="{Binding SelectItemCommand}" CommandTarget="{Binding ElementName=GridControl}"/>     </xcdg:DataGridControl.InputBindings> </xcdg:DataGridControl>
The big difference here is that the Dev Express one works like we would expect 
(pressing enter while in the grid causes the Select Item Command to fire). But the Xceed grid
does not work. Pressing enter does nothing.... Why?
I am really hoping that the Xceed grid is actually better than the Dev Express grid and there is 
a nice easy way to get my enter key to fire my command. (So I don't look like I got us to change to a worse grid.)
Can someone please let me know how to setup this KeyBinding?
(NOTE: Other keyBindings work just fine, so it is not a syntax error or some such thing.