Showing StatFunctions on grouping Detail Line

Showing StatFunctions on grouping Detail Line

Hi Everyone! I bind my Collection in C# and I’ve been able to add Stat Functions like the example code on the below

This is an example of What the default Details line looks like in the table-view by default when you drag a column to group

Origin: JFK (2845 items)

I don’t want to add a footer or header to create another line, I would like to find a simple way to accomplish something like this based off of column values that I can use the stat functions for.

Origin: JFK (2845 items) (Gross Performance 99.65%) (Net Performance 100.00%) (Total Weight 151515 kgs)

This is what I was using for the Header Example. Trying to just get it to show on the same line as the grouping items count. Just started looking at these functions today. Any help greatly appreciated.


dv =  new DataGridCollectionView(dt.DefaultView);
                dv.DistinctValuesConstraint = DistinctValuesConstraint.Filtered;
                dv.AutoFilterMode = AutoFilterMode.And;

                AverageFunction gPerf = new AverageFunction();
                gPerf.ResultPropertyName = "GCALC";
                gPerf.SourcePropertyName = "GROSS_CALC";

                AverageFunction nPerf = new AverageFunction();
                nPerf.ResultPropertyName = "NCALC";
                nPerf.SourcePropertyName = "NET_CALC";


                dataGridControl1.ItemsSource = dv;


                <xcdg:GroupConfiguration InitiallyExpanded="False">
                                <xcdg:StatCell FieldName="GROSS_CALC"
                                <xcdg:StatCell FieldName="NET_CALC"