Odd behaviour in SmartUI 2

Odd behaviour in SmartUI 2


I’m working on an old piece of VB6 code which uses SmartUI and have come across what appears to be the strangest behaviour…..

The control has several smart items, the first one of which is ToolDefault which displays an info window

The next item is a Combo3D and the one after that is an Edit3D and after that some others

When I choose a value from the Combo3D listI also need to populate the Edit3D value and after that I’m sending a ‘SendKeys {HOME}’ to return the cursor to the start of the Edit3D box.

 What’s actually happening is that for some inexplicable reason either a SendKeys {HOME} OR pressing the HOME button on the keyboard results in the first item in the SmartItems list – the ToolDefault – being clicked!!

I’m getting the same problems if I issue a SendKeys {END} or press the {END} button on the keyboard, the last button in the SmartItems list is being clicked….bizarre!

 Any ideas what’s going on here and how I can stop these keys from being doing anything?

 I’ve tried setting the .Shortcut property but that’s doing nothing.