Ignore Junction Points in Win Vista and 7

Ignore Junction Points in Win Vista and 7

Windows Vista and Windows 7 include some junction points by default for backward compatability with Windows XP/2000 (such as the junction point in the root of C: called “Documents and Settings” pointing back to the C:\Users location.

Is there any way to get xceedzip to just skip all junction points?

What happens now is, if we put a whole directory in the FilesToProcess, and that directory contains a junction point, xceedzip tries to follow that junction point as if it were a real directory.  We’ve ended up with some situations where we get an almost infinite loop of following junction points.

We’d prefer for our purpose that xceedzip just ignore junction points entirely.

We’ve gotten around this by specifying an an explicit entry in FilesToExclude for the known junction points, but this gets messy.

Thank you.