Exception while trying to upload a file

Exception while trying to upload a file

So I have followed the documentation on the Xceed website, but I am not able to get my file to upload.

using( SSHClient ssh = new SSHClient() )
    ssh.Connect( host );
    ssh.Authenticate( username, password );
    using( SFtpSession sftp = new SFtpSession( ssh ) )
        AbstractFolder homeFolder = new SFtpFolder( sftp );

        // Select a local file
        AbstractFile localFile = new DiskFile( "D:\\SomeFile.dat" );

        // Select a remote folder
        AbstractFolder remoteFolder = new SFtpFolder( sftp, "SomeFolder" );

        //Specify remote file name
        AbstractFile remoteFile = sftpFolder.GetFile("RemoteFileName");

        // Upload the local file to the remote folder
        localFile.CopyTo( remoteFile , true );

When I try to upload a file, I get an exception.

Xceed.FileSystem.FileSystemException: SFtpFile: Can't represent '\SomeFolder\SomeFile.dat' as a file because it already exists as a 'SSH_FILEXFER_TYPE_DIRECTORY'.
Type: Xceed.SSH.Client.SFtpFolder
FullName: \SomeFolder\
   at Xceed.SSH.Client.SFtpFile..ctor(SFtpSession session, String fullName)
   at Xceed.SSH.Client.SFtpFolder.DoGetFile(FileSystemEventsSession session, String fileName)
   at Xceed.FileSystem.AbstractFolder.GetFileFromRelativeName(FileSystemEventsSession session, String relativeName)
   at Xceed.FileSystem.AbstractFolder.GetFile(FileSystemEvents events, Object userData, String relativeName)

I have tried looking around, but I can not seem to find anyone who has encountered this problem.