Deploying a DotNet Application using XceedCry.dll

Deploying a DotNet Application using XceedCry.dll

Our application is developed using Visual Studio 2005 and uses XceedCry.dll as an interop control. We use the RSA encryption class. If we build the application on our development machine, and generate a random key pair, it works fine.

We then create a setup project to deploy the application and install it on another machine. When we run the DotNet application and try to generate the random key pair we get the exception:

************** Exception Text **************
System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80045001): The license key required to use Xceed Encryption Library was not found or is invalid. Make sure that you have called the License method with a valid license key as described in the documentation.

The license key we load is valid and a test VB6 program that does the same thing works fine on the same machine.

If we run the Exceed Ultimate Suite installation on the test machine and install the Xceed Encryption module, then the DotNet program works!

What else, besides XCeedCry.dll and Interop.XceedEncryptionLib.dll do we have to install on the test machine to get a DotNet application working.