Best way to design Wizard Pages in WPF

Best way to design Wizard Pages in WPF

Hi all,

Quick question – We’re laying up our first wizard, and we’ve got the hang of WizardPages no problem, but while actually laying out the design, we only see the initial page in the preview in Visual Studio – we can comment out each page as we finish so we then see the “next” one, but is there an easy way at design time to tell it to show the second page in the collection, then the 3rd etc. to make it easier to preview?

I’ve got an idea that it might involve declaring the wizardpages as resources, but I don’t know how I’d then reference them in the Items collection of the Wizard – a CompositeCollection perhaps?

Any and all help appreciated!



Follow up – I may have a solution actually – I’ve added CurrentPage=”{Binding Items[1], RelativeSource={RelativeSource Self}}” and then I can change the index to 1/2/3 etc. – any issues with doing this, or is there a better way?

Thanks again!